Pack de Acceso Total para Niveles Bajos

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Acceso Total - Niveles Bajos Bundle

Acceso Total - Niveles Bajos

Hasta: NL50 | MTT $22 | $10 Spins
Todo lo que necesitás para romperla!

*Revisa que la sala que te interesa esté soportada. Como hacerlo?

$9 /mes

cobrado mensualmente

  • 🔥 Desbloquea todas las funcionalidades para niveles bajos 🔥

  • 🚀 Hasta tres mesas con todas las funcionalidades de CUALQUIER stake!

  • 💺 Ignition/Bodog Comfort Package

  • 🥇 Emblema do Wizard, você terá acesso a benefícios/eventos futuros

Is Jurojin Free?

JurojinPoker is mostly free to use for microstakes (NL10 | MTTS $5 | $2 Spins)

Above Microstakes will provide a taste of it's features entirely free but with the following limitations:

  1. Tiling: You will only be able to use 1 Layout and no automatic switch (This one also applies to microstakes free mode)
  2. Tiling: Focus Management Features & Dynamic Slots are Blocked (This one also applies to microstakes free mode)
  3. Tiling: Only your first 2 tables will be accomodated into it (if stake outside your plan)
  4. Overlays: All of your overlays will work only on 1 table
  5. Hotkeys: All of your hotkeys will work only on 1 table
  6. Bodog/Ignition: Comfort features are not included for any stake.
  7. Comfort features like anti-sitout, auto timebank, copy player name to clipboard are not included for any stake.

👉If you're not sure which bundle suits your needs the best, don't forget to check our guide about it!

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JurojinPoker offers no refunds.

The app is freemium and provides countnless oportunities to test every feature and specifies it's support for each poker site.
In order to maintain the application, we quickly react against Casino's updates. Occasional maintenance days are not subject to appeal.

Support cases will be treated via Discord.
You can send an email, but Discord is the preffered channel.

* please do not buy any product without making sure it works as you expect on your PC with our free trials!