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Pot Odds HUD: Guide for Online Poker [2024]

Pot Odds HUD: Guide for Online Poker [2024]

Pot Odds are the ratio between pot size and bet size in poker. They help when determining the EV of different actions. Being able to calculate them is a core building block to winning poker strategy.

When multi-tabling in online poker, calculating pot odds can add mental stress. Poker is a mental sport. That's why poker players want to maximize their brain resources for important decisions and not on trivial math. Online poker players can use a HUD to display their pot odds, removing stress and saving time and energy.

In this article, you will learn everything you need about Pot Odds in Poker to apply it to your strategy, including:

👉If you would simply like to activate the Pot Odds HUD in Jurojin, check out our video tutorial here.

Step by Step to Calculate Pot Odds

These are the steps to calculate the Pot Odds the old fashioned way:

  1. Determine the Total Pot size Before your Action: For example, facing a bet of $50 into a Pot of $100 will make the Total Pot size $150. As the aggressor considering a bet, you would count the Pot Size prior to your action; $100.
  2. Divide the Total Pot by the Bet Amount to Continue in the Hand, this will give you the Pot Odds ratio. Using the previous example:
    • As the Caller, the Pot Size is $150 and the bet to you is $50. 50 into 150 is 3 or a 3:1 Ratio
    • As the Bettor, the Pot Size is $100 and you bet $50. 50 into 100 is 2, or a 2:1 ratio.
  3. Convert the Ratio to a Percentage: Add both numbers in the ratio, followed by dividing the smaller number by the total. Multiply this number by 100 to get your percentage. Continuing with our example:
    • As the Caller, the ratio is 3:1. Therefore, add 3+1 to get 4. Divide the smaller number (1) by the total (4), 1/4 to get 0.25. Multiply 0.25 * 100 to get the percentage, 25%.
    • As the Bettor, the ratio is 2:1. Therefore, add 2+1 to get 3. Divide the smaller number (1) by the total (3) to get 0.33. Multiply 0.33 * 100 to get the percentage, 33%.

A very costly and common beginner's mistake is failing to convert the ratio to percentage correctly by dividing the smaller number by the larger in the ratio and then multiplying by 100. As the caller in the above example, this error would look like taking the 3:1 ratio and dividing the smaller number (1) by the greater (3) to end up with 0.33 or 33%.

To avoid calculation mistakes, follow the Step by Step provided above or use a HUD to display Pot Odds on the poker tables.

How to Use Pot Odds when Playing Online Poker?

Now that you have your pot odds expressed in a percentage, you can use that percentage to determine the profitability of your actions by comparing it to your equity. In our example:

  • As the Caller, your Pot Odds are 25%. To continue profitably, you want to continue when your Equity in the hand is equal to or exceeds your Pot Odds. To call when your equity falls below 25% would amount to a long-term loss in EV.

  • As the Bettor, your pot odds are 33%. To continue profitably, you want to continue when your equity in the hand is equal to or exceeds your pot odds. To bet when your equity in the hand falls below 33% would amount to a longterm loss in EV (Expected Value).

In case calculating guerrilla maths stresses you out, Jurojin is here to help. Below, we have provided a cheat sheet which can also be downloaded here.

Quick Reference Cheat Sheets Pot Odds

Below we will cover a few common scenarios you will face at the poker tables, and shared useful Cheat Sheets that you can save to consult rapidly.

When Facing a Bet

This table below shows the Minimum Required Equity to continue when facing Common Bet Sizes with the respective Pot Odds being laid. Following these guidelines will ensure you aren't bleeding EV by chasing draws.

For example, on the first row of the Common Bet Sizes column, we see bet 1/3 which is often used for flop cbets. The middle column displays 4:1 pot odds with that bet size. Follow the row to the corresponding Minimum Required Equity column for the equity you need to profitably continue. Facing the b33 size, with pot odds of 4:1, our equity needs to be 20% or higher to continue.

Common Bet SizesPot OddsMinimum Required Equity
Bet 1/3 (33%)4:120%
Bet 1/2 (50%)3:125%
Bet 2/3 (66%)2.5:128%
Bet 3/4 (75%)2.3:130%
Bet Pot (100%)2:133%
Bet 2x (200%)1.5:140%

The Odds of Hitting Draws

This 3 column table is designed to help you track the Odds of Hitting your Draw, comparing the Flop & the Turn. Comparing the 2nd and 3rd columns, we see our draws are more favourable on the flop since we have two cards or chances to make our hand verses one.

You can use this table to quick reference your chances of making your draw. For example, let's say you've been dealt Q♠ J♠ and see a flop of K♠ 8♠ 3♦. You want to know your chances of making your flush and reference the 3rd row, *Odds of Making a Flush.* Bingo! Since you are on the flop, with 2 cards to come, you will make your flush 36% of the time.

Odds for Common DrawsTwo Cards to ComeOne Card to Come
Odds of Making 1 Pair24%12%
Odds of Making 2 Pair or Better20%10%
Odds of Making a Flush36%18%
Odds of Making an Open-Ended Straight32%16%
Odds of Making a Gutshot Straight16%8%
Odds of Making a Full House34%20%

Example of Using both Cheat Sheets Combined

You'll want to use the above tables together to make +EV decisions. Let's use the same hand example as above:

You are dealt Q♠ J♠ in the CutOff and call Lojack's open to 2bb. Everyone else folds.

A flop of K♠ 8♠ 3♦ is dealt. You are confident that you will be continuing in this hand but your opponent surprises you with a pot sized bet of 6.5bbs into 6.5bbs, larger than the more common 33%.

You check our quick reference guide, When Facing a Bet, and see your pot odds are 2:1 versus this bet size. You follow the row and see you need a minimum of 33% equity. You scroll down to our Odds of Common Draws table and see that with two cards to come, your chances of making a flush are 36%. You call, knowing your naked flush draw provides enough equity on its' own to continue versus their 100% bet.

A common complication for beginners here is to track opponent bets and quickly know what percentage is it. For that particular problem we designed a HUD that let's you visually track Live Action History, so don't forget to check out that article.

Are You Still Manually Calculating Pot Odds in 2024?

Stop wasting your precious mental resources with trivial math! Jurojin's Pot Odds HUD has you covered.

It's 2024. If you are a serious multi-tabling online poker player, you can't be bothered trying to calculate Pot Odds while facing multiple incoming decisions. That's why online poker players love Jurojin. Jurojin empowers the multi-tabler with an epic Overlay Feature that calculates your Pot Odds at every hand, at every table.

Activate the feature, and voila! A slick Pot Odds HUD, preserving your mental energy to perform your best in online poker.

In this video, Online Poker Pro and Twitch Streamer, Scrimitzu shows you Jurojin's power at the tables and how it helps him crush at the tables. Get ready to level up your poker skills!

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

Below we will list a few of the key points you gathered from this content piece:

  • Calculating Pot Odds is basic math in every poker hand. It helps you determine the profitability of potential actions in game.
  • When Betting or Calling, make sure you do so for the right price and with the right amount Equity. You can use our Quick Reference Guide for Pot Odds to help.
  • Jurojin helps online poker players save mental energy and focus with their Pot Odds HUD feature by calculating it for you at all times.

Next, check out our top tier Overlays. Jurojin can seriously gear up your game and take your poker experience to the next level!

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