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How to report a problem with Jurojin
Jurojin is closing itself [FIX]
AWS Access Key Error (17/7/2021)
PokerStars Tables LAG [FIX]
Understanding Layouts
Switching the Active Layout
My PokerStars tables are suddenly bigger than my slots
My tables disappear / My tables go to the wrong position / Fix DPI Scaling
Login Error - The difference between the request time and the current time is too large
Playing Poker with HotKeys
Times Hotkeys
Hotkeys for GG, Fold with mouse on GG Poker
HotKeys for PartyPoker
IPoker - Enable Stacks to BB
Make Poker Tables the exact size I want with Jurojin Slots
How to report a site not being recognized
Is a feature available for my Poker Site?
When it is your turn to act
Is Jurojin Allowed for my Site?
How to get your Poker Workstation ready on a new PC quickly
A Quick Tour on Poker Overlays and HUDs
Implementing RNG into your Poker Strategy By Scrimitzu.TV
How to use Pot Odds live
How to use SPR live?
How to convert the stacks/amounts to blinds in Bodog Ignition Bovada
Disable Tiling (tables accomodation) for a site
How to make texts bigger (fonts enlargement) on Bodog Iggy Bovada
"In Hand" Slots - A new approach to multi tabling
How to automatically sit back in on poker tables
Custom betsizes overlay across all poker sites
Setting up your seat postions and actions overlays (Seat Centering)
Use Seat Positions Overlays on your Poker Tables!
Use Actions History Overlays on your Poker Tables!
How to use the Controller / Joystick to play poker
How to Auto Topup / ReBuy on Cash Games for Bodog Ignition Bovada
How to save the Windows Logs and Events for Bugs Reporting
Fix Small Gap Between Tables
Understanding Increased DPI and it's potential Issues
Fix your DNS for a better connectivity
Track your Poker Sessions with the Jurojin Timer
My IPoker client shuts down
[FIX] IPoker Hangs or crashes a lot
Winamax Tables Aspect Ratio
Playing Stacked
Table Counters for Stacked Gameplay
Error when opening Jurojin
The Beta is Over
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