Use Seat Positions Overlays on your Poker Tables!

Use Seat Positions Overlays on your Poker Tables!

The seat positions overlays are here!

Seat Positions Overlays for Your Online Poker Tables

Copy Name to Clipboard

If you click on a seat position overlay it will copy the player name to your clipboard so you can search more online about that player!

The seat overlays will help you know where you and your oponents are seated in relation to the button!

The importance of seat positions

In poker, the seat positioning is one of the most fundamental aspects to define your range at the hand. It's not the same to have a AxS as button than as UTG (Under the gun aka. First to decide). Your preflop ranges (hands you will decide to play) will or at least should be drastically different under these different scenarios.

As a general idea, you will have to play only strong hands in early positions, and when in late position you can go with a less tight range of cards to enter the hand as well as being more aggresive. The positional advantage is a huge deal in poker, the later you are to act, the more information you have to make decisions, as well as having a tactical advantage on your OOP (Out of position) oponent, specially for being aggresive.

The blinds

Even though the first player to act is UTG and not the blinds, if the blinds are still in the hand for when the flop shows, the first to act will be the small blind, followed by the big blind. What this means is that even though UTG acts first on preflop, the weakest spots in the hand include the blinds too, you should be extra careful on what hands of decide to play in this position (However if you are BB and everyone limped, you can check to see the flop!)

The positions at the poker table

The table is usually divided into Early Position, Mid, and Late positions, being the latter the best position to be in. The closer you are to the button, the better your position at the poker table.

Below you will find a small cheat sheet of the position names for six handed and nine handed (aka. full ring) which are the most common ring types, in other ring types can find find some repeated names but usually the same logic applies

Cheat Sheet of seat positions

Six Handed

Position NamePosition Group
SB (Small Blind)(Super) Early Position
BB (Big Blind)Early Position
UTG (Under The Gun)/EPEarly Position
MP (Middle Position)Middle Position
CO (CutOff)Late Position
BTN (Button)Late Position

Nine Handed

Position NamePosition Group
SB (Small Blind)(Super) Early Position
BB (Big Blind)Early Position
UTG (Under The Gun)/EPEarly Position
UTG2 (Under The Gun + 1)/EP2Early Position
MP (Middle Position)Middle Position
MP2 (Middle Position + 1)Middle Position
HJ (HighJack)Mid-Late Position
CO (CutOff)Late Position
BTN (Button)Late Position

Saving the location

Once you have dragged each seat overlay to the desired spot, you can use the save overlays location hotkey so next time you open a table with the same amount of seats the overlays will appear where you saved them!

If you see the wrong positions over the seats or you notice any action linked to the wrong player DONT MOVE THE SEAT OVERLAY TO OTHER SEAT!. You probably have to check the Seat Centering Options for the Poker Room

Save Seat Positions Overlays Location for Your Online Poker Tables

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