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Stack and Tile Poker Feature for Advanced Players

Stack and Tile Poker Feature for Advanced Players

In our previous article about Table Manager, we went over the basics of multi-tabling organization.

We covered Tile Organization and Stacks Organization and in this article, we will show you how to combine the best of both, to boost your Multi-Tabling skills.

What is a In-Hand Slot for ?

By adding In Hand Slots to your Layout, you will be enabling a new Table Manager mechanic that consists on Jurojin moving the tables from your Playing or Observer Slots into In-Hand Slots when hero puts money in the pot.

This creates a hierarchy that allows you to better use your Focus by allowing you to quickly fold non-interesting hands in the Stack, and focusing more on the tables where you VPIP

To insert an In Hand Slot in your grid, simply click Add Slot and boom, that's how you enable the feature.

Focusing tables where hero is involved

1Choose When to Move the Table to In-Hand Slot

In Hand slots will provide you with 3 different dynamics/modes to define when the table will be moved into it:

👉This Config can be found inside of each Poker-Site.

  • 👑 When Hero puts money into the pot voluntarily.
  • On New Hand: The tables will be moved into the In Hand Slots whenever a hand starts with hero involved.
  • When The Flop is shown.

2Define Where the Table Should Return To

Set it up independantly for each Poker Site, and don't forget to Save Changes!

3Watch the Gameplay Example Video

Note that, the table started in the "Playing Slot" and as hero keeps folding, it remains there. However as soon as Hero puts money into the pot, the table is moved to the In Hand Slot where the most important action occurs


In Hand slots are a very handy tool to introduce into your sessions. It is designed to help you manage your focus on the tables that matter the most!

Once you're stepping up your game into multi tabling, Comfort and Focus Management will become a key aspect to make the best decisions at the tables.

Remember to enable Keep most urgent table on top feature to optimize Focus. Learn more here!

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