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Maximize Multi Tabling on Tiny Setups by Playing Stacked

Maximize Multi Tabling on Tiny Setups by Playing Stacked

At Jurojin Poker, we understand the importance of a comfortable multi-tabling experience for every player setup. Whether you’re using a single laptop screen or managing multiple monitors on a desktop, our platform ensures seamless gameplay. Our dedication lies in offering adaptable solutions to meet the distinct needs of various hardware setups, enhancing your play on any device.

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Adopting Stacked Gamestyle

Playing on Stacks is a great way to get the most out of reduced Screen Space, although it is sometimes the preferred gamestyle for a lot of players who have the necessary space to make a tiled and distributed layout anyways since it will allow you to use the remaining space for other content.

Stacked Gamestyle means that you will have multiple tables within the same slot, and allow Jurojin to manage the urgency by switching the topmost table with the table that requires your attention the most.

So every time you make an action on a table, if there's another one that requires action, will get to the top of the stack so you can act on it, allowing you to play many tables on just 1 slot.

Configuration Caveats

Any Slot will behave like a stack as long as it holds many tables, the only mandatory requirement is that you enable "Keep most urgent on top" on General Settings

Additionally the feature "Cycle through stack" HotKey can also assist you during Stacked Gameplay

Please do not forget to Delegate Table Urgency to Jurojin

How to Activate Urgency ManagementHow to Cycle Tables in a Stack

Track Tables Amount with Counters Overlay

Table Counters is a small HUD that keeps track of How Many Tables are in Stack and How Many Tables Require Action.

This will instantly aid you towards increasing the amount of tables you can handle within a Stack.

Learn more about it here!

Include a Dynamic Slot into your Gameplay

In Hand Slots can be a nice fit when playing Stacked, allowing only the most important hands to get the spotlight.

Essentially when adding an In Hand Slot tables will move onto when you VPIP or Flop shows up. In Hand Slot can also become a stack by holding many tables.

Learn more about it here!

What About Ignition/Bodog with Stacked Gameplay?

Only when using Jurojin, you can stack tables with Bodog/Ignition, sice table info will not update normally when stacking tables except when running Juro

Configuration - Delegate Urgency Management to Jurojin

Each poker site (in general) has some urgency-feature, and in order to let Jurojin manage all this for you, some tweaks must be done on the site's native configuration.


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