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Poker Tiling: A Comprehensive Guide for Online Players

Poker Tiling: A Comprehensive Guide for Online Players

One of the challenges of playing Online Poker is Multi-Tabling, your focus begins to get split, your attention fades more easily and that's why serious players look for tools & mechanisms to improve their multi tabling skill.

In this article, we will explain everything about poker tiling and how it can positively impact on your game, and help you increase your earnings in the long run.

Online Poker Player Showcases his 2 Monitors Setup with 5 Tiled Tables

What is Tiling in Poker?

Tiling refers to the practice of arranging poker tables in a comfortable way (most commonly a mosaic/grid) with the goal of keeping every table visually available to help the player with the challenge of playing multiple tables.

One common complication that appears when trying a mosaic tiling approach, is that depending on the resolution of your screen, you might be limited to only 6 tables or sometimes even less. But that was not the end of it, and different kind of creative arrangements came up for players to play multiple tables comfortably.

Common Tiling Setups for Online Poker:

  • Basic Tiling or Common Grid: The mosaic or grid approach is the most common setup because it will allow you to keep every single table big enough and visible at all times. Since it is space comsuming, it is common for players to play with up to 4 monitors in their setup.

  • Stack Tables: This means keeping all the different tables on top of each other, so you basically will only visualize the one on top. This could be your pick if you play on a laptop or have only 1 screen to distribute tables on.
    This approach can be benefitial, but it often requires Focus Management tools to get the most out of it.

  • Mix of Stack & Tile: This mixed approach utilizes Stacks to keep tables that don't require action, but as soon as it's your turn, the table moves to a Grid where you place your focus.

Getting Started with Poker Tiling Software

Now that you know what poker tiling is, its time to look into specific software solutions to asist you with your multi-tabling.

JurojinPoker is a software that allows you to craft your own Customized Tiling solution for free. Once logged in, you will have to Create a Layout which acts as a profile for your created arrangement settings.

From that on, you will be able to play around and test the different type of Setups mentioned earlier. That is going to be entirely based on your preferences and your screen space. But to conclude this article, we will list down some Pro & Cons of the different arrangement setups.

Pro & Cons about Basic Tiling

  • By avoiding stacking and overlapping, you will be aware of how many tables you have going at all times.
  • Creating an evenly distributed grid will use a lot of screen space.
  • When playing 12+ tables, it might split your focus more as tables will be more spread.

  • You can read the Table Management article to dive deeper into Layout Creation.

Pro & Cons about Stacked Gameplay

  • Will allow you to play many more tables using a very reduced space.
  • Since you will have only one visible table per Stack might be challenging to keep track of how many tables you are playing. (Table Counters do help with this though)
  • This is a great fit when playing from a laptop, or a small resolution screen.

  • You can read the Stacked Gameplay article to dive deeper into this mechanic.

Pro & Cons about Stack & Tiled Setups

  • Is great for players that have hit their limit and are looking for a way to unlock their multi-tabling and finally increase their number.
  • Allows you to keep your visual focus on a specific part of your screen where the important tables will be moved to.
  • If you come from a Basic Tiling setup, you might have to first have patience with yourself while you get used to a new organization method.

  • There are a few alternatives when considering this mixed setup (We refer to these as Dynamic Layouts). You can decide your tables to move when it Requires Action, or when you Voluntarily Put Money in the Pot (VPIP).


Now that you know about poker tiling and the different organization methods, its time you get hands-on and actually experiment in order to find out the approach that gives you the most comfort when multi-tabling.

It truly is a very personal choice and will depend a lot on your how you like to organize the flow of your session. So if you want to chat with other poker players and get assistance to finally craft your perfect online poker station, join our Discord Server and get in touch with the community.

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