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Random Number Generator for Poker: How to Use it & Display as HUD

Random Number Generator for Poker: How to Use it & Display as HUD

The reason behind RNG

As a Poker Player, you never do something 100% of the times, that makes you predictable and exploitable.

And since keeping mental track is virtually impossible, that's where using an RNG pays off.

Stablish yourself ranges of meaning, for example:

  • 0 - 30: Fold
  • 31 - 60: Call
  • 61 - 100: 3bet

Depending on the percentage split of your current spot you're playing you can re-define the meaning of the RNG number rolled. This will allow you to remove your bias on a situation and balance your game.

Use a Free RNG Software for comfort

Jurojin comes with a comfortable FREE RNG HUD that you can quickly enable and visualize it on all tables at once.
You can configure the ranges with visual color hints and also set up when you want a new number to roll.

If you liked that, take a look at out Overlays Guide where you will find many other handy tools that can help improve your gaming experience, read more here!

Free RNG Tool for Online Poker
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