How to use SPR live?

How to use SPR live?

What is SPR?

SPR stands for Stack-to-Pot Ratio.
It's a concept in poker that helps you assess the relative depth of the stacks in a hand. It indicates how many bets or streets of play are left before the effective stack becomes committed to the pot.
Understanding the SPR is crucial for making strategic decisions and adjusting your gameplay accordingly.

How is SPR calculated?

To calculate the SPR, you divide the effective stack size (the chips remaining to bet) by the size of the pot.
For example, if the effective stack is $100 and the pot is $20, the SPR would be 100/20, which equals 5.
The resulting number represents the SPR.

How to visualize SPR automatically?

When you're playing online and juggling multiple tables, it can be crazy trying to calculate SPR on the fly. But hey, no worries!
Just activate Jurojin's awesome SPR Overlay and keep your focus on the game!

How can SPR affect my strategy in game?

Here's a basic general guide:

  • High SPR (greater than 10): With a deep stack and a high SPR, you have more flexibility and room for postflop maneuvering.
    You can play a wider range of hands and be more speculative, looking to build the pot and extract maximum value from your opponents.
  • Medium SPR (between 5 and 10): In this range, you still have some maneuverability, but the pot is getting closer to the stack size.
    It's important to consider the strength of your hand and make calculated decisions. You can continue with strong made hands and drawing hands, looking for opportunities to maximize your stack.
  • Low SPR (less than 5): When the SPR is low, you're approaching a critical point where the effective stack is becoming committed to the pot.
    Your decisions should be more focused on getting your chips in the middle, either by betting aggressively or going all-in with strong hands.
    It becomes crucial to take advantage of fold equity and make well-timed strategic moves.

Hey, if reading isn't your thing, no worries! We've got you covered with a video that breaks down everything you need to know about SPR.
Oh, and here's the best part – you can use JurojinPoker for free, and it'll display right on your tables as a neat little overlay.
How cool is that?

Cheat Sheet for when to call all in's

The SPR will help you determine if you should fold or call an all in!

SPRWhat hand is the bare minimum to call
1Any Pair/A high+overcards/Any draw above a gutshot
2Bottom pair/Any draw above a gutshot
32nd Pair Weak Kicker / Any Draw above a gutshot
4Top Pair Weak Kicker/2nd Pair Top Kicker
6Top Pair Good Kicker
8 - 10Top Pair Top Kicker

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