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How to Auto Topup / ReBuy on Cash Games for Bodog Ignition Bovada

How to Auto Topup / ReBuy on Cash Games for Bodog Ignition Bovada

Tired of clicking the rebuy button?

It's known that playing on a table with a short stack (not so many blinds) is a big disadvantage when playing poker, your stack will usually be the effective stack, and that means you will also define a very small Stack to Pot Ratio

This is exploitable by the other players because they will have a much easier way on controlling how much you commit (how many chips you put into the pot).

How to Auto Top Up on Cash Games

There's only one thing you need to do in order to always have a good amount of chips at the table! Turn the feature on in Jurojin of course!

Setting up the values

  • The default values will be more than fine, having 100bb on the table is always a good idea, however if you wanna play it more on the hand tailored side, you can always define different values.
  • Define when the blinds are restored back, and define to how many blinds you want to be restored, as simple as that!
  • You can also tell Jurojin how many blinds to rebuy in case you get busted out (run out of chips) of the table!

Triggers for Top-Up

Automatic Top-Up will trigger automatically in the following situations:

  • Regular Cash Games: when Hero folds
  • Regular Cash Games: when Hand finishes
  • Zoom Cash Games: when Hand finishes
  • Zoom Cash Games: when using the Fold Hotkey

👉Zoom games change very rapidly when folding a hand and thus Jurojin can only trigger a top-up BEFORE folding by using the Fold Hotkey. Manually clicking the fold button will not trigger automatic top-up.

This feature will help you stay strong at the tables even when running cold, don't let a bad hand keep you as a weak exploitable player! Being short-stacked makes you a target.

Good luck on the tables!

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