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Coloring Player Stack - Feature Review

Coloring Player Stack - Feature Review

At the poker tables it is always useful to quickly spot weak and strong opponents given their stack size. Color Stack Feature is designed to help you do that using less brain power. And in this Article we will show you how to set it up and get it working.

What are Player Stack Sizes?

In Poker, a determined stack size is like your HP in a video game, it will define how weak or strong you are on a hand. It will define key factors, like SPR, that you (and your opponents) will use to each's advantage

The Color Stacks Feature will let you recognize the stack strenghts at a glance, letting you make much better and faster decisions at the poker table. In the following example, Stacks between 30-70bb will be yellow, and 70+ bbs will be green.

Other features that are showcased in the picture below are:

Visual Display of Players Stacks Colored by Jurojin Feature

How to Enable Color Stack Feature in Jurojin?

  • Go to the Poker Sites Configuration Grid and find your Casino.
  • Navigate to Comfort Features Tab.
  • Configure & Turn On the "Color Stack" Feature.

Set Up & Turn On

To enable this feature, simply go to the comfort features section of the poker network where you'd like to use it and turn it on.

You can also set the ranges and color in which the stacks will be colored

If you don't see the feature in the comfort features tab for that room, it means that the feature is not available for that network.

Benefits of Using Color Stack Feature:

  • Quickly spot the weak player, could be the fish at a cash-game table or could be your next bounty on your tournament.
  • Quickly realize if you're going against a deep-stack player who will play aggresively on you.
  • Save Brain Power for the decisions that matter the most by using this visually helper feature.

If you are looking for other features that can rapidly give you a visual help to your multi-tabling check out the articles below.

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