Learn about Pot Odds by Scrimitzu.TV

Learn about Pot Odds by Scrimitzu.TV

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Cheat Sheet for the PotOdds you need

Against an Opponent's Bet:

Villain's BetRequired Odds
Bet 1/320%
Bet 1/225%
Bet 2/328%
Bet 3/430%
Bet Pot33%
Bet 2x40%

Potential Draws:

Hand ImprovementFlop -- Turn+RiverTurn -- River
Unpaired hand to pair24%12%
Pair to Two Pair or better20%10%
Flush draw to Flush36%18%
OESD to Straight32%16%
Gutshot to Straight16%8%
Set to full house/quads34%20%
FD+Overcard to Top Pair48%24%

Usual pot odd values:

Opponent's BetSizePot Odds
1/4 of the Pot5 : 1
1/3 of the Pot4 : 1
1/2 of the Pot3 : 1
2/3 of the Pot2.5 : 1
3/4 of the Pot2.3 : 1
Pot-sized bet2 : 1
1.5x the pot1.7 : 1
2x the pot1.5 : 1

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