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How to Pick a Bundle at Jurojin Poker

How to Pick a Bundle at Jurojin Poker

Jurojin counts with various Bundles that are designed to fit a wide range of players and preferences. In this guide we will analyze the key aspects that can influence your choice to help you make the best purchase.

Before going into the analysis, let's list down the current available Jurojin Bundles:

  • Tiling Bundle: Designed with unparalleled Table Manager functionalities for organization.
  • Overlays Bundle: State of the art HUDs with useful insights (Pot Odds, SPR, Actions Line)
  • HotKeys Bundle: Fully Customizable Preflop & Postflop Bet Sizes & Actions + Up to 8 Extra Betsize Buttons.
  • Ignition/Bodog Comfort Bundle: Set of Comfort Functionalities to Make Grinding Fun on Ignition (Convert To BB, Top-Up, Font Resize & More)
  • Full Access - Low Stakes Bundle: Unlock Every Single Feature of Jurojin, Just for Low Stake Tables (+3 Tables of Mid/High Stakes)
  • Full Access Unlimited Bundle: Unlock Every Feature for Every Table.

Is Jurojin Software Free?

Jurojin offers most of it's functionalitiies completely free to be used on micro-stakes tables & tournaments. Including Tiling, Overlays & Hotkeys. Jurojin considers Micro Stakes as:

  • Cash Games up to NL/PLO 10 (BigBlind of $0.10)
  • MTTs & SNGs up to Buy-In of $5
  • Spin Tournaments up to Buy-In of $2

For players enjoying Jurojin on higher limits, the question of ¿What bundle is right for me? depends again on the stakes, but also on the Features you want to unlock. Keep reading this article to find our what's the right pick for you.

What Stakes Do You Play?

Low Stakes:

That is the first question in order to make the right pick, because if you play within the following Low Stakes range, then the best option is Full Access Low Stakes

Low Stakes Bundle is designed to be a perfect fit for those grinding their way up the ladder & for that reason, It Also Provides Full Access for up to 3 Tables from Any Stake so you can shoot your level up.

What Stakes are Included in the LowStake Bundle?

  1. Cash Games up to NL/PLO 50 (BigBlind of $0.50)
  2. MTTs & SNGs up to Buy-In of $22
  3. Spin Tournaments up to Buy-In of $10

Bundle Card for Low Stakes Bundle

Mid & High Stakes:

First off, we want to clarify that if you Multi Table up to 3 tables only from Mid/High, then Low Stakes Bundle is still the best value for your buck.

That being said, for Mid & High Stake players the options start to branch out more, because it will depend mostly on what are your must have features. Ultimately combining different Bundles. Let's analyze some of the most wanted features and the Bundles it belongs to.

Benefits from Hotkeys Bundle

Read all about Jurojin Hotkeys here.

Bundle Card for Hotkeys Bundle

Benefits from Tiling Bundle

Learn everything there is to know about Table Management & Tiling here.

Bundle Card for Tile or Tiling Bundle

Benefits from Overlays Bundle

Learn everything there is to know about Jurojin HUDs & Overlays here.

Bundle Card for HUDs & Overlays Bundle

Bundle for Ignition/Bodog Players

If you play on Ignition, Bodog or Bovada, there is another Bundle that provides a set of extra features to make the grind on that particular site more complete. It contains:

  • Convert Chips to BB functionality, which is lacking by default in Ignition software, a feature most give for granted, but once it's lacking it really hurts.
  • Automatic Top-Up Feature for Cash Games.
  • Font Increase, since by default texts are very small on Ignition software
  • Color Players Stack to easily keep track of strong and weak opponents while multi tabling
Bundle Card for HUDs & Overlays Bundle


Now that you have a more detailed perspective on what each Bundle has to offer you can make an informed decision. It is often common for players to combine the Bundles of their choice.

If you want Overlays & Tiling then you are already at the price point to which you better go for Full Access Unlimited.

Also if you initially just wanted Hotkeys & Tiling, you can still try Full Access Unlimited for only a few bucks more and gain access to Overlays & HUDs as well (And also Ignition Comfort Features)

Bundle Card for Full Access Unlimited Bundle

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